Right clicking through thousands of pictures is both time consuming and boring work. Save that time by allowing an imagescraper to do the work for you.

Thousands of images

FM-Imagescraper is a tool for gathering images of all kinds. Separating itself from similar programs, the FM-Imagescraper comes tailored to work with specific sites (ex. Instagram). Other more general programs often fail to retrieve the right content.

Get all the images you will ever need for your projects using a selection of popular image sources. FM-Imagescraper does not claim a monthly fee. Pay once, keep it forever!

If you need to bulk download images based on various keywords which can be applied to many different websites then this program is for you. This is ideal if you need to source batches of images via keyword and download them to your computer, or you lose your website or hosting and need to recover your images.

A single keyword can generate many thousands different results. The program recognizes various types of image file formates such as .jpg, .png and .gif and has no problem downloading them all.

The program has a built-in tool for adding your own watermarks if needed.